Which of the two Klans were the most evil: the first (yes) or second (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The first is always worse

    The first was the worse of the bunch. I say this because segregation and discrimination was still in effect. Rules and regulations were not in recognized and people did not respect that all men are created equal so the outcome of the Klan's actions were not regulated and most of the time not punished.

  • The first was nothing but thugs and violence

    Yes for second, no for first. It seems odd that I choose the first because it lasted temporarily, but the first Klan was mostly devoted to violence and murder and lynchings. The second Klan was not really about that. They had hateful views but they seemed like wimps. The majority of lynchings were not done by Klan members in the 20th century. The first Klan seemed like a Protestant inquisition group. And to note, it was founded by Yankees, since TN almost was a Yankee state, and the region in which the Klan was founded voted to stay in the Union

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