Which of these two underdogs is a better game? Sleeping Dogs (Yes) or Just Cause 2 (No)?

Asked by: TheDarkTopic
  • I have 2 points here

    First, the story line: It's simply better, and works well with the game play.
    Second, the GLITCHES. So many fun glitches in this game, I'm surprised they're not patched. Some may say this makes it a worse game, but these people are wrong. How many times have you laughed at normal gameplay? How many times have you laughed at outrageous glitches?

  • It's just more fun.

    Great huge world, the voice acting is terrible but it's fun to just mess around in the vastness, i mean the fact i still play Just Cause 2 occasionally and it was released a long time before sleeping dogs tells me it's a better game, that's how i gauge a good game from a forgettable game, and plus, sleeping dogs world was tiny i recall :(

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