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  • No, I think digital offers better music quality.

    Digital is the evolution of analog, I think that digital offers so much more in terms of options for music producers to give the listener the most clear sound as possible, so while some people may perfer analog over digital I think those people are rapidly declining in number since digital is technologically superior.

  • Digital all the way

    They are not even close to each other. I know some people think records are classic,but to me its all digital. You can't even consider them in the same realm. It wouldn't even be a match up when it comes down to editing as well, the computer age can fix anything.

  • Digital music offers better music quality than analog music.

    Digital music offers better music quality than analog music. Digital music eliminates distorted noises that are common with analog music devices such as tape cassettes. Digital music offer a higher quality of music because it enhances the sound of the music that is being played and eliminates outside noises that distort the music.

  • Digital is a far superior music quality

    Analog is often said to be a better music quality due to it's natural sound. This explanation is completely devoid of fact. Digital sound can be tweaked to mimic this natural sound well beyond the ability of the human ear. When you can make analog sound that mimics digital, then we can compare notes. Until then, digital is the far superior sound quality.

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