• Xbox One wins any day.

    The Xbox One has hardware and software designed by Microsoft, the best gaming company in the world. It has motion sensing designs and voice commands, which are much more efficient than the touchpad on the PS4. Also, it has improved graphics and a faster processing system which is run on Windows 8.1

  • Xbox One is better.

    The Xbox one is made by microsoft one of the best companies for computers, gaming, and software. The Xbox one also is more than just a gaming console but perfect for families and tv lovers a like. It was made with the ability to watch want you want from you xbox.

  • It is better

    I actually like the ps4 since it has better graphics than xbox one. Check any website or debates on this website and you will actually see why my opinion is correct. Anyways, ps4 to me is more entertaining to me since the controllers are available in 4 different colours and thats important for the real gamer.

  • PS4 Kills Xbox One

    For starters, the PS4 put a touch pad on the controllers while Xbox left their controller pretty much the exact same. They didn't change anything for the most part plus they overcharge for everything, including monthly memberships needed to play online. PS4 offers much better graphics for games and movies while the Xbox one is lowering the quality of their games so they will play right. PS4 easily kills the Xbox one!

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