• More of a Liberal

    I support a lot of liberal social issues that conservative Republicans would never consider supporting. While I tend to be more financially conservative I rarely agree with Republican policies regarding the budget because they often want to do things that will harm those who are poor in the country. I belong to the Democratic party because I have to pick from two bad choices.

  • I am a life long Democrat.

    I can't imagine not being a Democrat. Although I don't embrace everything about the party, they are much close in line with my beliefs than the Republicans. I honestly feel the Republican party has been hijacked by a small, vocal group of extremists. They are certainly not the party they were even ten years ago.

  • I'm a republican

    I don't support democratics. I don't want my money to be given to people who don't work. Plus for the safety of our country we need racists to leave and make peace so no more shootings happen. We are gonna die if democrats win every year. Fuck all democrat presidents

  • Hell no, I am not a bottom feeder.

    There is a time and place for when people need help. However, there are too many lazy worthless beings in our society that collect a check and do nothing for society in return. No illegals, No welfare, No WIC, No Support unless your Legal **AND** work for the state or hold a job elsewhere.

  • No, I belong to the Republican party.

    I have been a member of the Republican party for my entire life, I deeply agree with conservative principles and generally dislike liberal ideas and ideology so overall I tend to vote Republican and am an official member of the party, I think the party is largly losing it's way in recent years but I still support them.

  • I am a Republican.

    Since I began voting over 20 years ago, I have been a registered Republican voter. Initially, my leanings toward the conservative were due to religious beliefs and my views on social issues. Now, having been through a great deal in my life, I am more socially liberal. I remain a republican because I am fiscally conservative and don't believe that the redistribution of wealth is wise.

  • No, I am a Republican.

    I belong to the Republican party. I registered as a Republican. I think that part of my reasoning was due to the fact that I just did not agree to a lot of the policies and beliefs that the Democratic party was all about. That is why I consider myself to be a Republican.

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