Which party is most to blame for the government shutdown: Democrats (Yes) or Republicans (No)?

  • Republicans have our long term interests in mind.

    Democrats try to do more than their mandate. If they would stop spending so much money, the Republicans wouldn't have to take the stalemate approach. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat because neither party leans to the center enough, but I'm glad both exist to help balance each other out. Democrats I fear would spend the country into oblivion.

  • Republicans spend less

    It is my opinion that republicans are usually better at saving money, and also that the democrats did not have any good options that would fix the government. I think that the republicans have better programs that they try to push through, but the democrats keep voting them down every time.

  • No, Republicans are more to blame for the government shutdown.

    I feel Republicans are more to blame for the government shutdown. I believe they are continuously trying to make the Democratic Party look bad at every opportunity. I believe this has become their way of trying to make the Obama years appear troubled and ineffectual. Sadly, our government has become nothing but a bunch of school kids calling each other names. They do not realize how silly and transparent their tactics have become, nor do they realize how badly they are affecting the American way of life.

  • No, Republicans are.

    The Republican party has done its best over President Obama's first and second terms in office to make sure that nothing he or the Democrats try to get through is enacted easily. They were so against the affordable care act that they were willing to have the government shut down rather than provide for those more in need than themselves.

  • Conservative Republicans Refused to Budge

    Conservative Republicans, famously led by Ted Cruz of Texas, filibustered the Senate in order to prevent votes on certain issues. The Tea Party elements of the GOP banded together to stymie budgetary talks in the House of Representatives. Republicans are to blame for the shutdown since they blocked progress several times when they objected to certain issues like the debt ceiling limit.

  • The Republicans bear more responsibility

    While neither party is exactly bending over backwards to compromise, the Republicans have been the "party of No" from President Obama's first term. They consistently and continuously obstruct, reject, and block attempts at compromise. The government shutdown was mostly caused by GOP refusal to agree to measures that would prevent it for trivial reasons.

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