• Dogs for the win

    As a dog owner, I say dogs for several reasons.
    Dogs can be trained easier than most cats
    Dogs can be trained to do great things like walking a blind person
    Dogs can be big and nicer to cuddle with. Big floppy ears.....
    Dogs are better outside sharing activities like running, swimming,

    Dogs wont bring in a dead animal as often as cats
    Dogs wont give some people an allergic reaction.
    Dogs generally wont wander off for all day and leave you wondering

  • Doggy doo doo!!!!!!!!!!

    I love dogs! They're so fluffy and so much more playful than cats. Of course, kittens are fun, but when they get older they're so lazy! Dogs are so playful and lovable and fluffy and cute and playful and lovable and fluffy and cute!!!!!!!!!!! A dog is a man (or woman's) best friend. Woof, woof!

  • Dogs are the best people

    Just got home from a hard day at work. Greeted at the door by my best mate who recognized i was in a bad mood and has been at my side ever since offering support. It has been proven patting a dog releases serotonin in both your and your furry friends. Good luck getting that from a cat

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  • This isn't a yes or no question

    T h i s i s n o t a y e s o r n o q u e s t i o n ! ! ! T h i s r e a l l y s t u p i d ! J u s t s t o p !

  • Cats can do almost everything a dog does.

    Cats have a much more flexible body making it much easier to cuddle. Cats also have personalities. I have three cats and each of them act their own special way. When I owned two dogs for a week each they acted mostly the same. When I left today my cat meowed and followed me to the door. (Did I forget to say they have different meows?) I bent down and they started to rub their head against my hand. Whenever I'm mad or sick or any form of badness. One of my cats, named Luna would jump up near me and sleep. (She sucks her thumb when she does.) They enjoy the petting a lot and so do I with their different fur. SInce there was little experimenting on what happens when you pet a cat, it may be possible that it does the same thing as a dog. Cats are related toward people and were worshipped as gods. Big cats in the wild kill their prey quickly without suffering by aiming for they neck. Dogs, on the other hand, eat them alive. Cats are much cleaner then dogs. I hate it when a dogs slippery goes into an owners mouth just after it slicked it's own genitalia.

  • Cats fer da winnnn

    Cats are good. Dogs aren't THere isn't any way to argue it. You must accept the sad reality of your lives. Your sad, catless lives. How to fix your lives? CALL 1-800 GET-ACat Today to fix your SAD, WORTHLESS, Pointless, meaningless lives. SO GET A CAT TO SOLVE UR LIVES!

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