Which phone is better: the HTC One (yes) or the new iPhone 5s (no)?

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  • The iPhone is still king.

    Android based phones are gaining a lot of traction and have great features, but the iPhone is still the best smart phone out there. This is mainly do to the ease of which iPhones sync to iTunes and other apps that are more prevalent than the android app stores. IPhone is still key.

  • The iPhone is still the best phone.

    The various Android phones, including the HTC One, show great promise. But right now Apple is still number one with its top of the line iPhone 5S. Everything from the design of the phone, the internal hardware, the external materials used, the operating system, work together to provide the user with an effortless, seamless experience. Even with the HTC One, you still feel like you're using a flimsy device, constantly juggling memory and resource issues that get in the way of actually using the phone.

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