Which place is better in general: The United States (YES) or Europe (NO)

Asked by: qwerty124
  • Freedom of choice for the consumer

    In Euro,try getting a gun,a muscle car,a farmhouse and other stuff that is (probably ) cheap (was not born in the us) in the USA, but would cause thousands in the EU. Aslo there is aslo that vibe you feel when you are in the us due to the pop culture infulence

  • Europe plain and simple.

    America is fecked for the poor the underprivileged and anyone who wants freedom from religion from poverty from exploitation. The American dream died in the 60's. The one thing we do have in Europe is a collective social responsibility. We have no need for a heavily armed citizenship for gas guzzling muscle cars for farmhouses apparently going by qwerty's words.
    Pop culture, get over yourself Europe is the home of the Eurovision music festival put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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