Which political system is better: the USA (yes) or Canada (no)?

Asked by: yodog357
  • Either way usa or canada

    I would say america. I think this due the fact of our rigts and ability to vote. We have a president that is elected Canada does not. Also our president dosent have all the power so he cant just say or do whatever he wants this is due to the fact of our senate and house of representatives and lastley WE ARE INDEPENDENT. We dont have to listen to other countries unlike canada. But either way were both great and amazing countries. I also wouldnt be mad if we were ran like canada i would just want to be independent.

  • America is better for the average person!

    When someone move to america they have to obey the laws and become american, in Canada alot oft hem dont care about our laws and dont want to take on canadian culture or language which is english, they are alot more opportunity and work, they pay half the taxes we pay, its easier to become rich than in canada, they have less socialism than canada which means more jobs and less taxes. Canada's liberal policies have indebted us, now ONtario is a have-not province, we have uncontrolled immigration for no known reason, our productivity is 39th down from 2nd (we used to be the 2nd most productive country in the world before multicuturalism ruined and indebted us.

  • Look at the facts

    By contrast, the Canadian system of government has never seemed more attractive, if one judges these things by their results. Notwithstanding its generous social-welfare safety net, Canada is ranked as economically more free than the United States by the conservatives at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, which puts Canada in sixth, and the U.S. In 10th place, in the group’s most recent international survey. On per capita government spending, the two countries are tied, and on corporate taxes Canada is way ahead. On public debt levels, it’s no contest.

  • Think about it we got free health care and were not 15 trillion in debt

    To start off Canada is in the top ten for education,and health care. Furthermore Canada doesn't go to war and have the WORLDS LARGEST DEBT, like come on we don't even have half the debt USA does because are government doesn't spend money it doesn't have on things it probably won need for its military and go to war for oil. And here in civilized Canada you cant bye a gun, why you ask because if we all don't have them in Canada, only the police do so there is less crime and less wackos with guns to deal with, witch leads to a safer environment and less government spending.

  • A few reasons why...

    First off, Canada has a much better health care system. We all get free health care although we pay higher taxes. Another problem with the USA is they are in SO much debt. Another reason is in Canada you can't buy guns and carry them around. This is a controversial subject but a lot less people are killed in Canada and I feel that this is a contributing factor.

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