Which potato chips do you feel taste better: fried (yes) or baked (no)?

  • Baked? You mean cardboard?

    If this is terms of flavor, fried all the way. The grease, the oil, the salt is what makes it taste good. Baked has less salt, less texture, and less crunchiness. Fried potato chips are better in terms of flavor, but in terms of health (though all chips aren't healthy), baked potato chips.

  • Baked Chips are Death.

    Baked potato chips taste better!?!?!? That is the biggest lie I have ever heard and I heard some guy say he had a pet dog, how ridiculous is that! The whole experience of licking the beautiful little specks of grease, oil, and flavors off of your fingers is the most amazing sensation ever, even better than opening a pickle jar! Those who do not enjoy the wonderful act of licking your fingers clean do not deserve to even speak of chips.



  • Yes, fried potato chips taste better than baked potato chips

    Yes, fried potato chips taste better than baked potato chips. They are saltier, and while maybe not appetizing to all, the distinct texture from the frying process creates a pleasant consistency in the mouth. They are also crunchier and less dense, while baked potato chips tend to feel more like tortilla chips.

  • Fried is better

    Fried potato chips definitely taste better. The reason there are baked chips is that they are healthier. If the nutrition was the same then baked chips would barely exist. I do think that that the taste trade off is less than the health trade off so would eat baked chips.

  • Baked is better

    Baked potato chips are better in my opinion because they are better for you in comparison to fried potato chips and they are not as greasy. I do not like to eat chips and have my hands full of grease and need to wash them. Baked is the better option.

  • Baked are cleaner

    Baked potato chips do not leave oil and grease on my fingers, so they taste better overall. Fried chips might taste better in themselves, but I wind up licking my fingers, and that detracts from the experience, so baked ones leave a better taste in my mouth after the fact.

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