Which religion is more likely to side with Israel and the Jews: Catholics (yes) or Protestants (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Catholics, nothing but open arms for the Jews

    The idea that Catholics used the "Jews killed Christ" propaganda is taken out of context since Protestant Churches rallied to that war cry as well.

    Can we really ignore the hundreds of stories of Catholics helping their Jewish friends and neighbors in their time of need? And let's not forget the fact that the majority of German Nazi's were Protestants before they abandoned their faith. It wouldn't make sense that the Catholic Church wouldn't support the Jews, especially since Hitler despised the Catholic Church for its influence.

  • Catholics are more likely to side with Israel.

    It is more likely that Catholics will side with Israel than Protestants because their religions are closer. Protestants literally protested against the Catholic church and broke away from them. Catholics used to be Jews, before Christ made a new religion. Catholicism is slightly closer in doctrine to the Jewish faith and culture.

  • Catholics wiil side

    Catholicism, Jewdeism, and Islamic are all dirrived from Abraham and secondly they did not directly deny God like protestans. Protestants deny God on a daily basis. What i mean by that is that they left what God tolled them to start doing as their religon.

    Catholism for sideing with the Jews and Islamic people.

  • Catholics= Pro-Israel Ask Albert Einstein

    "Every Jew-baiter, every Catholic-hater is a fascist at heart"--Henry Wallace, The Dangers of American Fascism

    It was the Protestant Reformation that created the schism in Germany for the eventual Adolf Hitler to rise to power. To ignore the historical parallel is to deny why Christianity becomes a monster when it breaks away from Roman Catholicism.

    Btw I am born Jewish on the road to converting to Catholicism so don't tell me I don't know the Holocaust I've been on Birthright to Israel, etc.

  • Protestant countries are far more advanced in less fanatical relegious upbringing. ---Scandinavia, U.K, ,most of the U.S, Australia, Canada, etc.

    Spain with it's Inquisition expelling the Jews. Hitler was Catholic along with most of his men, except for Himmler (Protestant), Franco of Spain,
    DeGaulle of France were both Catholic and rabid antisemites.

    Hungary, Poland, most of Ukraine are all antisemitic countries.

    As for Europe, the least antisemitic countries, are the Protestant ones.

  • Read up on WW2

    Just reading about the stance of the Catholic church in WW2 gives a strong idea of their feelings towards Jews. The belief that Jews murdered Christ, an old propaganda piece, (Revived by Mel recently, Thanks Mel) gave a publicly stated reason for them to do so, however it was really about limiting numbers of a different faith that were seen as competition on the continent and about growing the control & power of the church in the European banking system, I would suggest.

  • Protestants support Israel without any questions

    Between Catholic and Protestant, the regimes that have killed Jews have been Catholic. Catholics are more likely to question Israel in their relations with Palestine. Many of the countries that say that Israel does no wrong are Protestant. The opposite can be said about Catholic countries. Spain, France and Germany have nothing good to say about Judaism or Israel's actions and behaviors. England and Denmark, on the other hand, side with Israel no matter what.

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Adam2 says2013-12-29T05:19:40.267
Also Catholics tend to say the word "Zionist" more than Protestants.
SweetTea says2013-12-29T09:53:35.130
Neither! Catholics & Protestants aren't monolithic in politics. Their voting proves it. And Israel is a political situation. Personally, I'm Protestant (Lutheran). I feel that Netanyahu is a warmonger and one of the worst leaders Israel has ever had. I have friends & family who are Catholic. None of them are too crazy about old Benny either. Just for the record ... Both Catholics & Protestants are Christians. That's "their" religion. The denominations are Catholic & Protestant.
emeraldcross0012 says2014-01-02T21:41:52.317
Troll question