Which religion offers better work ethic -- Lutheranism (no) or Catholicism (yes)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Catholics Work Harder to Avoid Hell

    The Catholic church has prayers for almost any occasion. The purpose of these prayers is to avoid going to hell. In that respect, the Catholic church has a better work ethic in terms of spirituality. Lutherans, although like Catholics, don't focus as much on prayers towards the saints or the Virgin Mary.

  • Catholicism - Works and Faith

    While much has been talked about the Protestant work ethic, if you look at Protestant theology, they believe they are saved by faith alone - works do not matter. Catholics take not only St. Paul's words but also Jesus and the book of James and know that faith without works is dead; good works are essential to salvation as well, and so they have a better work ethic.

  • No, Lutheranism teaches hard work.

    No, Lutheranism offers a better work ethic than Catholics, because Lutherans have a tougher stance on alcohol. It is hard to have a good work ethic with excessive drinking, and some Catholics drink too much. Not all of them, by any means, but it seems to be ingrained in the Catholic culture, which means the Lutherans are able to work harder.

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simpleman says2013-12-19T04:24:45.223
I would not say either one really. One's work ethic is a product of one's own principles and priorities being acted upon. People within both have the capacity for either great work or terrible. What perhaps would be tge more imminent question of our time is not so much one's quantity of work, rather one's quality of work, for this exemplifies one's character more clearly, though not entirely so. Ones character is only truly seen by the fruits of their deliberations as regards others.