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Which shoes are better: Vans (yes) or Converse (no)?

  • I own both. . .

    But I like Vans more because they are more durable then Converse. However, Converse are quite comfortable. I only have high tops for both Vans & Converse, So I can't speak for the normal ones. But I adore both of them. I like both of their designs; they are simple, But cute. Vans wins me over though.

  • Converse are the best type of shoes!

    This is because they are slide proof and have big laces for people to trip on a daily basis (jks). Converse are reliable and are durable for a very long time whereas Vans aren't worth their price at all. The only thing they would have going for them is that they a much wider variety but that's it, Nothing else. Converse on the other hand look good, Feel good and are good!

  • Converse are gayy

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  • In my opinion it is Converse

    I think that Converse for me are the better shoes, because in my opinion they are looking much more modern and relaxed then the Vans one's. But every one has his opinions.

    For me Converse is better !!! But at the end both has his greats in my opinion !!!

  • I think Vans are better than Converse.

    Vans are better than Converse because they are super comfortable and even though they don't look like it they actually can function in weather that's super bad. I went to Paris wearing vans and I saw many people also wearing them so they are stylish because DUH Paris is the place of fashion. Anyways Converse are not very comfortable and don't support your foot which is a big part in wearing shoes and vans are comfortable and stylish what more could you need.

  • I believe converse are better than VANS b/c...

    Converse have many different styles, textures, patterns, designs, and sizes. They appeal to both guys and girls; male or female in there variety and have been in many different movies, cartoons, and regular TV shows. The high top version of Converse was also the original basketball shoe and still to this day supports my ankles just like NIKE versions do. They have been around WAY longer then VANS and are still their own classic shoe.

    The original VANS shoe is a classic style tennis shoe with no ankle support. These types of shoes were made and appeal more to skaters. They are known as the "perfect skater shoe" which are actually not that perfect; because of the open hole grip rocks and other items can easily get stuck. Opposed to the bottom side of a pair of Converse which are slide proof and do not have the big holes for things to get stuck in.

    Case Closed: Converse are better than VANS!!!!!!!!

  • Bcccccc cccc ccc

    Vans are softer mor comfortable more sizes more styles gr8 for sk8 and converse are overpriced thin materialized uncofortable and rough and take a while to form the shape of your feet. SO VANS ARE Definitely WAY BETTER THAN CONVERSE BC THEY ARE JUST BETTER TRUST ME ON THIS.

  • Vans are better

    Converse are really bad for flat footed people and Vans are better for that. I also think that Vans look cooler than Converse with the style. For example Old Skool's are timeless and are a great shoe for musicians, Skaters & Artist. So there's why Vans are Better and more Awesome.

  • Vans are better and here's why!!!

    Converse are still a very cool shoe but for all flat footed people out there they are awful for flat feet. Vans aren't great to but they do have a bit of support (especially The Pro's). I am flat footed and wear Vans Old skool's and their fine. I have heard that all Vans Pro model's have more cushioning. To me Vans stand out more and look cooler

  • Both sneakers are great but vans is more better than converse.

    Converse is no.1 in most of the best sneakers list but for me vans should replace converse in the top position. Although converse is more famous and succesful than vans, but vans is more comfortable and have numerous of great designs than converse. If you buy a vans sneaker, it is worth it.

  • Vans are better

    There are so many kinds of vans! All different patterns, mini vans, taco flavored vans. Please don't hate. Poop. There once was a guy. He had a taco I l i k e p i e i n s u m m e r m a y o n a i s e

  • Vans are Better

    There once was a child named Nicholas Taco, and he got teased because he liked vans. All the other kids made fun of him for wearing vans. Soon the ghost of Vans came and cheered him up but the ghost of Converse killed both of them with hypnosis. That is why I really kind of do not like Converse. (Story made up for fun but Vans definitely are better than Converse)

  • I believe Vans are better that Converse because

    I feel vans are being left out and Converse is getting all of the attention in this debate and I feel sort of bad. Also, Vans are super comfortable. I need more words to submit this so I'm just going to say that I like turtles and tacos because they start with the same letter and just imagine a taco-shaped shark. I have enough words now so yeah.

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