Which show had the prettier female(s) and handsome guys -- "Seinfeld" (yes) or "Friends" (no)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • How the hell does anyone say "Friends" -- that's new to me

    Another thing my bullies never said was that the women were prettier. Even though tye would have preferred them being white and racist.

    Seriously, "Seinfeld" wins popularity when it comes to looks

    As much as I think she's loud and ghetto, Julia Louis Dreyfus was prettier than any of the 3 girls on "Friends," even Kurdrow

    And another thing in terms of looks none of the three guys on "Seinfeld" are that ugly.

    Jerry is not ugly at all, in fact he's quite handsome (no homo)
    Neither is Alexander or even Richards

    but those 3 guys on "Friends" are outright ugly.

    And this isn't because of my partiality to "Seinfeld" at all.

  • I Vote Friends

    Regarding the men, LeBlanc, Perry, and Schwimmer seem more handsome to me than Jerry, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards. Regarding the ladies, Friends had 3 ladies on the main cast, while Seinfeld only had one leading female role. Julia Louis Dreyfus was very attractive, and still is, but I consider Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox to be equally attractive, so Friends wins my vote due to a simple numbers game.

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