Which show is better? Spongebob (yes) or Sam and cat? (No)

  • Spongebob is the best show ever

    Sam And Cat is the worst show ever. Ariana Grande is not pretty in any way to be honest. Neither is Jeanette Mccurdy. Ariana is a ugly stupid red-head that needs help. She's hideous... She made Sam And Cat even more bad just for being in this show. And Sam & Cat is just horrible and now funny. So if you vote Sam and cat please see a doctor cause Sam & Cat sucks ass and this is not competition.

  • This post needs to not exist.

    No offense, but it's so obvious. Lol. Anyone who dares vote Sam and Cat needs to have a serious look at their own life. People who obsess over S and C usually only obsess over it because Ariana Grande's in it. And McCurdy, but she's too busy being annoyed at not getting the lead role.

  • Sam and Cat is Degenerated

    Spongebob takes on much more serious themes, such as employment, retardation and clarinet playing, and takes them in a proto-serious manner, while Sam and Cat introduces degenerated themes. Apart from this, Sam and Cat takes things into a violent manners, which is bad for children. Sexism, to the female side, is also present in Sam and Cat, as apart from Spongebob Squarepants. The music from Spongebob also destroys that of Sam and Cat's, and the plot for Spongebob is very much superior to Sam and Cat. Spongebob will prevail in all battles. Heil Sponge!

  • SpongeBob is awesome

    Sam and cat is stupid but a lot of the new spongebob episodes are stupid too but overall sponge bob is better. Whoever made this post has obviously never seen old sponge bob or this would not even be a question. Like I said earlier Sam and cat is dumb

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