Which society functions smoother:one of equality or inequality in which people only receive what they personally earn?

Asked by: M.H
  • A society based in equality, but with limits.

    A society should ensure that its citizens have equality in terms of access to life improving opportunities, i.E., education and healthcare. Aside from taxes (which everyone, not just the rich) to provide these programs, everyone gets to keep the fruits of their labours. If you work extra hours, invent something new, or get an education to improve your skills, you still get to earn more and have nicer things than those who don't want to try.

    There's no way an extremely intelligent person in poverty who therefore cannot afford to go to college and make something better of themselves is healthy for society. Neither is an lazy, entitled rich kid making it into a top-tier university because his or her parents can pay the highest tuition.

    What's not healthy for society is trying to ensure absolute equality by forcing everyone from the astronauts and CEOs, the cashiers and janitors, the drop-outs and the ambitious to live off equal paychecks in equal conditions, with no chance of being rewarded for effort.

  • I can see it both ways

    Equality has order and will probably result in less greedy people BUT if i worked hard for something or i am in debt and im working my ass off only to realize all of my hard work will be distributed between people who didn't work as hard as i did i would be pretty aggravated.

    Posted by: M.H
  • Forced equality gives people no motive.

    When you are a kid you think of all the ways you can get rich and famous. Playing sports, being a famous singer or actor, etc. Without the ability to get rich and famous, there would be no incentive to do things with your life. It is the same problem with welfare, if you could make a living doing nothing but eating hamburgers and watching TV, why would you try to invent something new. Society would not advance, and the lack of items being invented and sold would hurt the economy. The longer it lasts, the less wealthy each person gets as the government loses the money to support others. Its a nice idea, but you eventually run out of creative thinkers, hard workers, and other peoples money.

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