Which system is better capitalism (yes) or socialism (no)

Asked by: GRand
  • Capitalism is better than socialism

    Capitalism is better than socialism becuase it works. Human nature is always selfish and greedy and we can't change human nature. Socialism is impossible and utopian. It may soound great on papre but in reality it is doomed to fail. Capitalism creates jobs, prosperity and wealth. As Churchil said "socialism is the equal distribution of misery".

  • History has proven that Capitalism is a better system

    While I do agree that all humans are equal, if a hard working person that after taxes makes the same amount as someone that works half as hard there will be no desire to work as hard. Restaurants, stores and other businesses will close, because after all everyone gets the same amount. While this does sound good at first, the government does not have enough money to support a whole country of people. There has to be some tax dollars coming in. This principle can be seen today in North Korea, and the success there is shown. If you would like to live in a Socialist state please pack your bags to North Korea.

  • Capitalism creates wealth

    While capitalism creates wealth, government (all governments) consume wealth. Socialist and communist governments consume large amounts of wealth, and restrict or choke off the creation of wealth. Capitalism needs some controls to keep it from taking advantage of workers and consumers. No socialist country has ever equaled our economic growth and wealth creation. Our so called "poor" have a better standard of living than the "poor" of any other nation on earth.

  • Contrary to GRand, it's quite the opposite

    Capitalism inherently discourages greed. It believes in equal opportunity for anyone who works hard. Capitalism is making a profit legally without hurting others. Capitalism makes the level of living easier for others. The poor in this country have opportunity. Even poor people can get an education if they want.
    You can argue segregationist America wasn't really fully capitalist.

  • Socialism is the big lie of the 20th century

    While it promises prosperity, equality, and security, it only gives misery, poverty, and tyranny. Socialism has never worked despite early signs of success. It is a system that ignores incentives and that is a critical flaw. Capitalism is all about incentives which is why it lasts. Capitalism is the best in the long run.

  • Capitalism is the system of natural voluntary human interaction.

    Capitalism has increased our wealth through innovation and reward for success. The system might be based on self-interest, but it is unintentionally helping the greater good through voluntary trade, where people feel the need to do something because through this, they earn something to buy other things. Through this, trade and peaceful human interaction has given us the things we have now. Capitalism is the only economic system that does not have a coercive nature and that's why it's the economic system that I support.

  • Can't believe what I just heard.

    GRand is talking about communism and communistic values.
    On paper communism is by far thee greatest economic structure but yes in reality without a very nice dictator it can become a county's worst nightmare. Socialism does work however not only socialism but democratic socialism. Tell me how well Finland, Denmark, and Norway are doing?

  • Equality of outcome!

    1. The very principle of capitalism contains contradictions (Commodities have both a use and an exchange value)
    2. The interest of capital is literally the opposite of democracy and opportunity. Not everyone has equal opportunity...Think of the third world
    3. The private ownership of the means of production establishes an ideology built around exploitation of the working class.
    4. Socialism produces a more society-oriented gain. In capitalism, the individual may grow rich, however, the society and the working class are weakened by this.

  • Socialism creates equality.

    Socialism, in many ways, is much better than capitalism. In this such complex world with billions of people, it's easier to have a leader who will take control over it all rather than combining each people different needs and wants. Socialism creates equality. Everyone is born equal. So, what's the need of class classification? It only makes gap between each other, between the needy and the bourgeois. In a socialism world, no one will get jealous if someone is wealthier or greater than him. Hence, conflicts will never happen. Just as the victorious Hitler with his nationalism-socialist. German was the greatest of all and became the leader of the world in World War 2.

  • Socialism is a better system as a whole.

    How can you say that Socialism doesn't work? There are many, many examples of extremely successful Socialist countries who have very high standards of living, long life expectancy, fantastic overall health and preventative care, very low unemployment and homelessness, access to free college education, so on and so forth. Some Americans' view of the world is skewed if they think we have it the best. We certainly, as a whole, do not.

  • Better for mankind.

    If socialism was introduced, yes people could just sit there and do nothing, but then who would run the stores and factories. Having a socialist society would let people embrace that we are human and only have one shot on this planet. I used to think that money was everything, now I want to be a robotics engineer because it will help humans. People would also be able to pursuit their goals and passions in life.

  • All Should be Equal

    Every human should be equal. The social structure between the classes is too great. Communism is a great way of distributing wealth. While it does have its flaws,(unjust value of income for amount of labour, dictators taking adantage of the systmem, etc), with the right leader it can be a great system.

    While did say that Socialism may have an unjust value of income for amount of labour, it is vastly more apparent in Capitalist societies. Why does a football player earn more money than a physicist. It is easy to distinguish whom of these have put in the most effort to achieve their profession. It is also easy to distinguish who is of greater value to humanity.

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