Which system of Education is better: Canada or the United States of America?

Asked by: Noah.cavazos
  • Canada's education system is better.

    Although the US education system was essential to the country,considering I am a citizen.Ironically,I support the Canadian education system,and one element about it is that they have potential to allow Students to get a very likely chance to get a passing grade(The passing grade in Canada is a 50% and in the US it's a 70%).Another aspect of their system is that they try not to be in competitive or in a bragging mood about themselves like the US does when they enter a war or something.
    From what I can gather, the Canadian system has potential than the US education system.First,let's start off saying that the Canadian system works together like a nation and teachers are required vigorous training in their careers.Another fuel to this statement is the reason why the education system is better is because Canada values both teachers and professional training for them like they care about the teachers and their rigorous training.If you have teachers who have superior training, they can benefit by advocating not only the student's but themselves and that's the reason why the passing grade is a 50% than a 70% because of that impact.
    Canada is a peculiar country because they prove themselves to be alike with other countries such as Finland,Russia,the Netherlands, and Japan.The reason for why they aren't so competitive is because they tend to overlook the benefits of investing their child's education in terms of early childhood,instantaneously putting them ranked higher in the system.Along with their respectfulness of their teachers, both make excellent aspects to why the Education system is better.
    Even though the US had one of the best militaries in the world, the education system isn't so bad nor horrendous but they need to care for their teachers and the children's education so that they have a better future.Canada in one hand is stronger because of their potential of allowing students to be successful and they aren't so competitive compared to other countries.This statement thus proves why the Canadian education system is better than the US education system.

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  • America's education system is better.

    If you just look at the unemployment rate in Canada compared to America, America has a lot less unemployment rate and that is due to the fact that America teaches the availability of careers and have programs specifically for this issue. Canada only implemented this program in the past 5 years, which caused many people to receive a lower paying job or even become homeless. Also, everyone in Canada is taught to go to university and since this is standard for Canadian students, there is an overwhelming amount of students getting degrees in university rather than college; and since University rarely have programs to have hand on programs, more people are hiring people from college since they will have already have had experience in the workforce. With university being a big standard in Canada, many students are paying tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get themselves unemployed once they graduate. This is why the American education system is a lot better than the Canadian's.

  • u.s.a. is better

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