Which Taylor Swift song is better: '22' (yes) or 'Everything Has Changed' (no)?

Asked by: animal.abbie123
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  • Minus Ed Sheeran, I like Everything has Changed

    The song has so much more in it. 22 is just some up beat song with a happy message. Everything has Changed has substance to it. It also has a beautiful rhythm to it. But if I really could choose, I would choose both but you know there is no middle button on this site.

  • The video is awesome.

    I just love the video of the song- the transition from childhood to adulthood. I like the fact that Ed sheeran and Taylor Swift have cameo roles as the lovely kids' parents. I am a huge fan of Ed Sheeran. Hope they do many more songs together. I had listened to this song on loop for two days.

  • It is awesome!!!

    The storyline in this song is more emotional and makes the listener feel empathy towards her whereas the other song has a more negative effect on the listener - it is more against relationships by using the phrase 'making fun of our exes'.'
    Though 'everything has changed' is better because of the phrase used 'you'll be mine and I'll be yours'.

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spunkysmum says2015-01-19T10:26:03.137
They all suck.