Which version of the "Seinfeld" pilot was funnier -- the original "Seinfeld Chronicles" (no) or the revised version (yes)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It has that air about it

    The revised version is bizarre in a funny way. The opening intro (revised) is just hilarious. The editing was admittedly terrible (you can see right through it that this was something else when it first aired), but in a good way. It made it so much funnier. Replacing the original "Seinfeld Chronicles" theme with the well-known "Seinfeld" theme. Lol That and the closing credits with the montage of Jerry pictures (which was the standard until "The Visa" [season 4, 1993]).

  • Does it matter?

    Aside from a few noticeable changes (the name "Seinfeld", an updated theme), there wasn't all that much difference. Basically, it's the same episodes with a few minor tweaks. It's almost like when the show is re-aired on TV and a few lines are cut out from a scene. I understand that TV shows have to make money, but it looses appeal when scenes are thrown out for a store-bought pizza commercial.

    Posted by: S.K

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Auragirl360 says2014-01-03T21:16:55.137
So many Seinfeld debates. Debate about something else.
Adam2 says2014-01-22T19:14:43.857
I talk about what the ---- I wanna talk about. How you like that?