Which was worse -- the Howard's Beach murder (yes) or violence in the South, during Jim Crow (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • I'm wondering what you guys think

    It seems that in the South (and I could be wrong too) any violence was usually directed at Yankees in general, not just blacks. Whereas in Howard's Beach it was just a group of whites (one an Anglo-Saxon from Cheshire) ganging up on an innocent black, in the South it was mostly during the Civil Rights era. I know there were lynchings in the South, but could there be truth to this?

  • No. Jim Crow.

    The Howard's Beach Murder is a terrible occurrence. However, Jim Crow is a far worse concept because it was essentially multiple instances of the Howard's Beach Murder, topped with massive, crippling discrimination against blacks. This discrimination included social factors, legal restrictions, and economic persecution, all targeting blacks, with no recourse, making it a far worse situation.

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