Which will create a black hole faster: the CERN super collider (yes) or the US budget (no)?

Asked by: bigdave
  • CERN will do so first

    While both the CERN super collider and the budget of the United States are capable of consuming every particle of mass around them and suck every item into a bottomless death spiral, the CERN particle collider is closer to achieving that goal than the U.S. budget. The budget likely has twenty years or so before it is all consuming.

  • Literal Black Hole Goes to Particle Collider

    Topical sarcasm aside, a literal black hole can only be formed when a supermassive collapses. Only stars beyond a certain mass (called the Chandrasekhar Limit) are said to form a black hole when the star's fuel runs out. The CERN super collider will be unable to collect enough mass to form a black hole, although it has a better chance of forming a black hole than the U.S. budget. Technically, the U.S. budget will form a "red" hole because of the massive debt incurred by Congress that puts the government finances in the red instead of the black.

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