Which will fade out of the US? Religion (Yes) Atheism (No)

Asked by: Debateajax196
  • It is natural for people to question.

    People will forever have doubts and question what is told to "be true". Atheist have also doubled since 2007. More people realize everyday, that religion was created during a time where no one knew how we got here or why we are here. So people created and made up something that can "explain" life.

    China has reported that 90% are non religious or atheist.
    So has Sweden at 76% who are non religious or atheist.

    Atheist for example are persecuted, which prevents people who are atheist to come out of the closet and say it. There are many people I know who do not believe in god, but say they do because they are pressured from there parents, friends, and community.

  • Atheism: where the person is lazy to commit himself or herself to a set of progressive laws that gradually make them and society better.

    But what defines a good person? Why are you good? What's the point and benefit for you to be kind? Who cares if you apply the virtues or not? What causes a person not to do whatever the hell they want? All these questions fall under the subcategory of virtues and under the main category of religion. Atheists refuse to be part of the change that is required in the world and this world needs religion, not atheism. Their excuse that "religion is the cause of wartherefore we must be anti religious in order to gain more stability", is the direct reason why this world is in shambles...Additionally atheists have problems with the religion of the region in with they grew up in, making it their default religion to give arguments on. Religion is the cause of progress...Man is the cause of destruction...Therefore with religion...There will always be destruction

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