While he did come back, should the Colts be nervous that Luck threw 3 interceptions?

Asked by: Aaron5678
  • Hear me out

    While yes, Andrew did come back from a huge deficit, 3 picks may be bigger than you think. Next round the Colts face the New England Patriots with seasoned QB Tom Brady behind the Center. While I find it unlikely that Luck will throw 3 interceptions again I believe that if he did the outcome would be extremely different. First of all Tom Brady would make sure that they wouldn't be able to get away with that of play and secondly the Patriots O coordinator wouldn't screw up his play calling.

  • He single-handedly proved that its not a big deal

    If a QB can help overcome a 4 TD deficit while still throwing 3 interceptions against a team that started this season 9-0, that alone shows that even when the odds are stacked against Andrew Luck in a game, he can still go to an absurd degree to still win games. Only ridiculously good QB's can still win games and score a crap-ton of points while throwing 3 picks, and the fact that Luck is pulling off such feats just 2 seasons into the NFL when other rookie QB's are crashing left and right, the colts have absolutely nothing to be nervous about.... Because keep in mind, the Colts have this miracle worker Andrew Luck projected to be their starter for years and years and YEARS to come. If he does blow a game due to interceptions and ends up killing a playoff run, the kid still literally has ten more opportunities to make up for it in the future.

  • No. Luck is a stud.

    They will not make the Superbowl in my opinion but he is playing great and recovered from a poor performance. He has shown no reason for concern, he is young enough to fix any mistake. The Colts are a good team and there are better but older teams ahead of them. They will be a contender year in and out for a while.

  • NO he should get a second chance

    Yes he did make three interceptions but obviously if he wants to stay in the league he's gonna have to put some hard work into it and I know that's what he is gonna try to do otherwise might as well quit I mean whats the point of playing a sport if your just playing for the fame because then your just doing something you don't want to do. I support Andrew fully on this one and say nothing is gonna come to him unless you work for it.

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