While he was amusing to some, did Judge Richard Kopf go to far with his "STFU" comment?

  • Be profesional Judge!

    A public figure doesn't get the luxury that your average joe does with their personal blog. Someone who can make very important decisions effecting millions of dollars and peoples lives shouldn't be dumbing down to petty Internet slang. Overall the blog post is questionable and while it is important for the Judge to be able to get his thoughts out, he may want to rethink how he does so in the future.

  • Yes, Judge Kopf went too far with this "STFU" comment.

    As a judge, one of the highest positions in his profession, Kopf should hold his words in high esteem for the Supreme Court. His comments were vulgar & disrespectful, not what you would expect from a judge in such a tenured position. A judge should be the example of excellence, not disgrace.


    Judge Kopf was completely justified under " freedom of speech " for his comment. Of course in his position he is under scrutiny and his decorum wasn't the best, but he stated how he felt. Had anyone outside of the public eye made the same comment, it wouldn't have reached the mass proportion of news this did.

  • People tend to be too soft.

    I have heard about this topic, and personally speaking; no, I do not think Richard Kopf went too far with that particular comment. While some people may have felt he was out of line or that was just un-called for, he was trying to be entertaining and people tend to blow things out of proportion.

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