White evangelicals just elected a man who has been married three times and spoken blasphemously: Are evangelicals following their beliefs?

  • It was the only option.

    Most evangelicals held their noses when they voted for Trump. They do not like that he's been married three times. They do not like the things that they have heard him say. However, Clinton is in favor of abortion. She also is married to a sexual predator. Voting for Clinton would not have been any more Christian.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    but only white evangelicals are being polled about their political support, not African Americans or Latinos. This brings up the biggest issue that evangelicals face with their support of Trump: that they will be seen as agreeing with Trump’s “alt right” contingent that is not interested in religion, but rather in white nationalism and the restoration of white America. As a result, evangelicals who have claimed to be “colorblind” find themselves aligning with hate groups who support Trump and are also against Jews and Israel, both important to evangelicals and their beliefs.

  • Not at all

    Electing Donald Trump just showed us all how much of a hypocrite they all are. If they followed their beliefs Donald Trump would have been their very last choice to be president. I myself think that he probably doesn't care about religion at all. He's most likely an athiest to be honest.

  • No, they are not.

    White evalngelincals are not the only people who voted for him, either. But more importantly they are not voting according to he religious beliefs they say they have. Donald Trump is not a religious man. He is a man with few scruples and few morals who will say whatever he wants to get people to like him.

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