White House Vetting GOP Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS: Should the first candidate offered for the position be a minority?

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  • The candidate with the most solid credentials should be offered the vacant seat in the Supreme Court

    It does not matter if the first candidate is a minority. Brian Sandoval agrees with many of Obama's issues, so it is not surprising that he should be a contender. Yet, his stances on many social issues are controversial. Like the Supreme Court, he supports same sex marriage, backs abortion rights, (to the chagrin of many), and believes schools should not have to pay contractor wages, even though this is industry standard. It seems Sandoval is moving forward. Ultimately, the person most suited to the job, with the best professional experience, should be nominated. The President will decide.This elected person should not be too opinionated or stir up controversy.

  • Sandoval is a phenomenal judge who happens to be of minority descent

    It is sad that we focus on the ethnicity of someone before we look at their qualifications. As society changes and opportunities expand to be inclusive, the lilly white faces at the top of corporations, courts, presidencies etc will change as well. There should be openness to include the best of the best and not the good old boy system that has and still lingers over all positions of power.

  • Candidate needs to be capable

    The first candidate offered the position needs to be a capable person. Being on the Supreme Court is a massive responsibility. The person chosen needs to show knowledge in law, non-partisan views when dealing with law, and an ability to be fair. A minority would be a plus, but not a necessity.

  • Supreme Court nominee should be most qualified

    The first candidate offered the position should be the best qualified, irrespective of whether or not he or she is a minority. The high court weighs on very important matters. The most important thing is to come to the right conclusion. A person's qualifications matter more than minority status in this case.

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Fernyx says2016-02-26T15:39:16.780
"Should the first candidate offered for the position be a minority?" that right there is why America is going to go under. As soon as we start putting race and gender first, we will lose the ability to elect people based on qualifications. If a minority is most qualified, pick them, if not, don't.