White Lives Matter has been declared a hate group. Is this a white supremacist group?

  • White Lives Matter Marches With Confederate Flags

    It is hard to argue that White Lives Matter is not a hate group, when they have been photographed marching carrying Confederate flags. This flag is a symbol of the bygone era of slavery in the United States, and represents an intolerant mindset that is no longer acceptable in modern society.

  • Yes, White Lives Matter should be considered a white supremacist group.

    White Lives Matter arose to counter the Black Lives Matter campaign, and it is openly and clearly organized, supported and populated by known white supremacist and racist groups. WLM bases its existence on racism and intolerance whereas BLM works to bring attention to inequalities in policing. Established hate groups, including the KKK, support WLM, using it as another springboard for preaching white supremacy.

  • Yes, it is.

    WLM seems to have developed, though not to any great extent, in response to an imaginary, even delusional issue - that white people are harmed by non-white people in America. The fact that they display confederate flags at their events is just additional proof of the obvious - these people are racists. Whether or not they are also a hate group may be up in the air, but the SPLC has been right on the money every time I have looked at their resources, and there is nothing to indicate that they are not correct here as well.

  • No, "White Lives Matter" is not a white supremacist group.

    In my opinion, the members of the so-called "White Lives Matter" group are just a collection of sorry individuals looking for attention. They do not understand the concept of "Black Lives Matter" and do not even appear to be original enough to be able to come up with a name for themselves and whatever it is they stand for.

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