White nationalists plot Election Day show of force. Will this lower the number of voters?

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  • The people who want to vote will.

    Nobody is going to intimidate anyone else out of voting in this election. There is far too much at stake this year, and all of those who want to vote will certainly do so. Many people are passionate one way or the other, and they are the ones who aren't going to let anything stop them from getting to the polls.

  • I think it will have the opposite effect

    I don't think they're going to frighten anyone with their scare tactics. They're all afraid because they know that Donald Trump is going to lose the election and they'll do anything at this point to try and convince themselves otherwise. Hopefully America is smart enough not to let this bother them and make the smart choice to go out and vote.

  • So low in actual numbers

    White nationalists will cause a huge stink on Election Day but there will only be a few small pockets in expected areas. Nobody will cover them, and if they do get media coverage, it will only be to show how pathetic the movement is. This is 50 more words than I care to even write regarding white nationalists.

  • No, I don't believe this will lower the number of voters.

    No, I do not believe that white nationalists plotting an Election Day show of force will lower the number of voters. If someone is going to vote, they will vote regardless of the situation that is presented to them at the polling station. Everyone has the right to vote and should remember that!

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