Whites and Arabs should be eradicated off planet earth

  • f**k white people and arabs

    Two useless groups of people to have ever graced planet earth, White people and arabs. If it was possible, I would certainly remove you two pathetic useless diseases off of this beautiful planet. When you both die you idiots would surely receive your punishments. Smelly ragheads and flea infested neanderthals

  • No they should be preserved

    Do they commit crimes and mess up other nations? Yes. Should they be gone? NO. You do not speak for the entire black people and you should know I can marry anyone I want. A white girl or a Latina or an Asian or an Arab.
    Personally I so not want to marry a black women because I want something exotic. Our people should not be genocidal like they are. Let them harm themselves with NASCAR and with their jihad. I will be the one to take better care of them.

  • That's what a complete fool would say

    How on earth could a person say something that stupid? If one white, Black, Arab, Asian, Latino or something else does something bad, Should you judge everyone else of the same colour? Of course not. That's extremely racist, But also kind of hilarious that someone is so, So extremely stupid.

  • Whites and Arabs

    Have done almost everything, Including inventing your computer, To exploring the planet, To building your house. Your idea of us whites moving out of the planet is completely dumb. If we didnt exist, People would be living in mud huts, Throwing spears and rocks to hunt. No eradication for anyone

  • Uuuuuhhhhh. . . What? . . . No, Of course. . .

    I mean, Do I really have to make an argument against ethnic prejudice? Trust me, The flaws of humanity are inherent in all of us. It's not the case that specifically "A" or "B" is what the cause of negative aspects of society. We're all in this together, So to speak.

  • I agree on arabs but not whites

    Whites are clean, Beatoful people that are superior to every other race, Arabs is just as bad as the JEWS! EVIL SICK PEOPLE THAT BLOW PEOPLE UP. Eradicating them is at top priority and we can get rid of Suadi Arabia and Iran too, Which is awesome! Yeah destory arabs

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