Who agrees horses are the best and strongest/beautiful/graceful/fastest animals in the entire world! ?

  • They totally are all those things!

    Horses are just, The one the three greatest thing s on this whole entire earth! GOOOOO HORSES! #HORSEPOWER🐎🐎🐎🐎 they are the strongest animals in the entire world! They could literally destroy a group of lions, By just one horse! And they are literally the symbol for freedom, Perceverance, And strength! And beauty! And maaany more!

  • (coughs) no, U

    You are the most strongest, Beautiful, Graceful and fastest. . . Animal? Didn't know you were an animal, I guess you are a bit hairy WAIT! Oh, Now i get it, But wait. Hmm, Are you a horse? You're probably a horse disguised as a human on the internet. You can't fool me horse. I win once again, Screw horses!

  • Horses are none of these things

    Best, Most beautiful, And most graceful are all opinions and as such cannot be the total truth.
    As for the other points, Even compared to other mammals they neither the strongest nor the fastest. The cheetah is the fastest mammal over a short distance and the pronghorn is the fastest over a long distance. Stength-wise, An elephant is far stronger than a horse. Keep in mind, That these are only the strongest and fastest mammals. Compared to other animal classes, Mammals aren't even that fast or strong.

  • FALSE horses are not the fastest

    This is incorrect cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world at 68. 0 miles per hour and the fastest horses speed is only 55 mph they are fast but not the fastest. I'm sorry but its just facts, So now you know that cheetahs are faster than horses but horses are cool i guess.

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