• Republicans are better.

    Although there are a lot of bad members on both sides, we had the better people over the years, i.E Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz, etc. Republicans are more fiscally responsible, and we believe in upholding the Constitution. We also believe in equality in taxes, and capitalism where good work gets rewarded, not taxed.

  • I have had horrible things happen in my life republicans are good and democrats/liberals are mean to me

    All the time I would say that I am a catholic and a bunch of liberals claim to be tolerant but they would say I don't care but then say a bunch of crap and say mean things to me how can people support a party that wants to take away all of your free speech and weapons to defend yourself criminals always find ways to get guns and the innocent dont look for that illegal option it's better to have everyone with a gun because the good will out way the evil now at least might change by the way us killing Iraqis isn't just great but there are innocents killed in war keeping troops there would have slowed or stopped Isis but since democrats pulled out we now have an even greater threat the fairness doctrine is a a liberal paper that takes away free speech to an extent selectively like if I said liberals are evil they can remove it and say there great please reply if u want I'll be fair and open to criticism

  • Republicans can be lunatics. But Democrats are worse.

    I am sure most of us can agree that Donald Trump is a lunatic, along with a lot of other Republicans. Republicans are also far less racislly diverse.

    However, Democrats are worse. They have made the stupidest deal in history (other than the Zimmerman Note) with Iran, which activley sponsors terrorism. Although war is never a good thing, pulling troops out of the middle east to let ISIS rise is even worse. Gun control is also idiotic. Outlawing guns is not going to prevent the people who illegaly use guns from getting guns. The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And don't get me started on "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor".

    There are obviously democratic ideals that beat republican ones, but for now the republicans are far better.

  • Republicans are morally better people than democrats

    Yes, I am a republican. I believe in god, am NOT racist, am NOT sexist, I DO care about poor people, I DO love this country, and I am most certainly proud to be an american. And if that makes me such a bad person for having good faith, belief in working hard, and supporting the lives of human beings- then I don't know what being a good person means.

  • Democrats have good ideas. Republicans also have good ideas. But they are equally guilty for our problems.

    I am a moderate. I couldn't care less about what democrats or republicans think about the good job they think they're doing when in fact both parties are equally guilty for all the problems facing us.

    First off, if Republicans were better, then they would have won the 2012 election and Romney would be in the White House. But he's not. Additionally, they have problems reaching out to minorities. Some may brush this off, but Republicans need to remember that we are a diverse country and that if they ever want to win the White House ever again, they need to realize that moving farther and farther to the right is not appealing to minorities and is also a bad turn off to moderates like me. As demographics continue to change, it will soon be impossible, if not already impossible to win without minorities. Republicans need more moderate people, like Jon Huntsman as the face of their party. Unfortunately he was eaten alive by other Republicans.

    That being said, Republicans still have good ideas. I concur that we are spending far, far too much, and now we are 17 trillion in debt. One of the things that really caught my attention was a balanced budget amendment proposed by Rand Paul. While amending the constitution is a tedious process, I believe that an amendment demanding a balanced budget would be a big step in capping this unsustainable spending. Republican support of strong capitalism is good as well, as I believe people should be rewarded for the work they do. Personally, I believe that we need capitalism to keep out people who don't deserve success.

    Now, on to Democrats. In 2008, Democrats had supermajorities in the House and Senate and yet failed to do anything productive. What was stopping them then? They got what they deserved in 2010 because of their incompetence. Their spending policies are too excessive and wasteful. The stimulus was a mess on their behalf. Technically they share the blame for the recession because they did not work with Bush to do anything useful about it.

    However, Democrats have done good with being generally more accepting of different people. This is why Democrats have been able to draw in all kinds of people. No, they didn't receive gifts from Obama or entitlements; the majority reelected him because they believed he is the better representation of their ideals, and not what people like Rush Limbaugh want. They are also firm believers of science and innovation, both of which we desperately need if we want to remain competitive with other countries.

    Whichever way you put it, both parties have good ideas, but no one is better than the other because they are both guilty for the problems in this country. In fact, the reason why there is so much gridlock is because Democrats and Republicans refuse to compromise because both think they are better than each other. If both parties moved to the middle, then we would all get along better.

  • Sticking To The Facts!

    Both sides have had their share of politicians with character flaws. So, neither party has any "moral ground".

    The ONLY President to pay-off the national debt was a Democrat (Andrew Jackson). The last President to pay down the national debt was a Democrat (Bill Clinton). In the last 100 years, the stock-market has crashed twice (1929 & 2008). A Republican was in the Oval Office both times. If their policies weren't contributing factors that led to the crisis, they didn't make changes a priority. Both times, it took a Democrat in office to bring the country out of the economic crisis (FDR & Obama). On domestic programs ... Democrats create them & Republicans largely oppose them. Then, years later when the programs are a success (i.E. Medicare), the Republicans try to market themselves as defenders of them. The Civil Rights Act came from the Democrats. The Dems who disapproved joined the GOP -- transforming the South from Blue to Red states almost overnight.

    The world's most prestigious honor is the Nobel Peace Prize. Four U.S. Presidents & 1 Vice President have won the award for their work, ideas and/or vision. All but 1 were Democrats (Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt & Al Gore).

    Should I go on?

  • They killed two thousand of us, so we killed one hundred thousand of them.

    But wait, hold on. They never even actually attacked us. But enough about that, lets talk about how while we were killing these hundred thousand Iraqi's, republican politicians didn't seem to have much of a problem with it. Bill O' Reilly said just to shut up and let the president do his job. So, yeah, killing Iraqi's was totally a thing for Republican politicians until the scary black man took over. Oh, sorry, am I being rude? What I meant to say is that the fad conveniently died out when president Obama took office. And while one hundred thousand people were dying in another country we were crying about our own two thousand people on a yearly basis and focusing on far greater issues. Republican politicians, for example, felt that it was important for us to know that they believe in Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. That Intelligent Design is just as credible as Evolution even though it fails even by principle (The scientific method doesn't function by making an assertion and than finding evidence to try and support it. That's called Bias.)

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