Who are more complicated – men (yes) or women (no)?

  • Women are much more complicated

    Women say the opposite of what they mean. They usually do this to test situations. If you ask a man are you strong and amazing, they will all say yes. Women have realized this, and have to figure out the truth. Whether it's asking a question, observing or something else.

  • Men are more complicated

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  • `Men are more complicated

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  • Men are more complicated than women.

    Since men always need to be in control they see things like listening, asking for help and even sincerely thanking and complimenting others as losing control. What they don’t realize is that only when they start to do those things and do them sincerely do they become free of having to be in control and let go of control.

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  • From a woman's perspective, a man can seem complicated for many reasons

    You want one thing, but ask for something else. Men they like big butts, breasts, but turn around and shame girls who show too much of it. They like the "bad" girl but want a "good" girl. They would do her, but they wouldn't marry her. They dislike expressing their feelings, even though it is so important in a relationship. Of course these are broad generalizations, and not every man and woman are the same. These are the complications that young woman may see in men.

  • I believe women are more complicated

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  • Women are complicated

    Women shoes the complicated behaviour in lot of cases.
    Take the example of packing out for the movie, the females always have to read the discription, read the reviews about the movie. But the males only see the cover of the movie, if it looks good, let's watch it. Males doesn't create any complication in any cae.

  • Men are not complicated.

    Woman are ten times more complicated than men. Women care about everything to the last little detail. Women also get caught up in their feelings and not facts on a situation. If a man tells a story it's a point by point basis, but if a women tells a story, you will hear four other stories within that one story.

  • Reasons why Women are more complicated

    It is a known fact the when we reach home from our school or offices, the first thing we look out for is our mother or wife. You see, if you give a bag full of grocery, a women can turn it into some delicious food, whereas a man can only put a maximum effort of cutting them. And also, maximum time, men are found to be very straight forward in their replies, whereas we need to think twice when a women answers. You see, if you still can't get it, then just ask your father. ;)

  • Men are more complicated than women

    Women are simple in their nature but men are complicated they want all thing gose in their minds they don't care of women or their feeling .If women don't have money they try to solve the problem and make it easy in the other hand if men are in the same situation they get angry without any discussion

  • Women are complicated

    Women are more complicated than men because even knowing they have lot of clothes in their closet they still saying that they don't have nothing to put on also they have their makeup in their pencil cases,
    I also know some girls that do that I mean ¿Why they do that?

  • Women are more complicated

    Because they have severe mood swings which men have less of and if someone says the smallest thing, women could become mad about it. Also women wants other people to guess there feelings, if if someone guess wrong or dosn't guess at all they become super mad. Done Done Done

  • Men are more complicated

    Men are more complicated as they always need to be in control and they show a complicated behavior many times they create complications in buying things like they are always in a hurry and get rid of things very early men always make those decisions which are not very useful

  • Women are more complex than men

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  • Woman are more complicated

    Besides the everyday worry of facing dangers ( robbers hardly ever rob men) and being self conscious ( single women tend to eat healthier and take diet stuff than single men ), some Single women face the difficulties of being judged by gender, rather than abilities, mainly because of well known stereotypes. (For example, some women get paid less or face job limitations because they are thought of to be defenseless). Pregnant women also have the fear of pregnancy, and the difficult task of taking care of the children, in
    which case , most children kidnappers look out for women. You may think that because of their abilities to find out how things are connected and multitask, it makes things easier. However, it actually causes them to worry more about things than men do. Because of that, women tend to worry a lot about what to say, and can be found confusing at times, that causes them to be more anxious. All men have to worry about is their work, when women also have to think about their children's lives, like school issues . Besides, female teenagers tend to have it more complicated than males, and that results in mothers having to check on them, and fathers just playing football with his easy - to - handle son. In conclusion, women are more complicated than men in many reasons.

  • Women are more complicated

    Women always tend to take longer to get ready and to be able to choose anything. My brother chose ever since he was 5 that he wanted to play soccer and i kept changing from soccer to basketball to hockey etc. i never make up my mind. It would take me about 10 mins to choose which shirt i want to buy or what ice cream flavor i want to eat. We always remeber those small details that arent eve that important and always express ourselves through our feelings never from the facts !! If two guys get into a fight, they wiuld stay quiet and sort it out themsielves but when twi girls get into a fight, thw whole school knows in less than 5 minutes and everyone is getting ready for world war 3! So yeah

  • Women are complicated

    Women want to discuss every simple things more deeply than men. They are the investigators of the house. Actually she is the head of the house because every decision is to be decided by her. The selection of schools for her children and the selection of house they should live in. So they are more complicated than men.

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