Who are the better metal band, Iron Maiden (yes) or Metallica (no)?

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  • Of course Maiden is better

    Honestly, Both bands are so different, That they can't really genuinely be compared, But when it comes to overall songwriting and cohesion - Iron Maiden takes the cake.

    Iron Maiden has a more consistent, Mysterious discography, Better songwriting, Better artwork, More feeling to their songs than Metallica could ever dream of having.

    Band. Bruce, Adrian, Nicko, Dave, Janick - enough said.

    Metallica is great if you're into thrash, But if you're into more feeling in songwriting and music, Then Iron Maiden is for you. Plus - their 'worst' albums are even more listenable than Metallica's sewer dumps. Cherry on the icing. . .

  • Iron Maiden, no doubt at all

    Iron Maiden may not have been as popular here in the US for as long as Metallica was, but Iron Maiden was better. The only reason Metallica got more popular was because they sold out. They started making what they thought would be popular, instead of what they thought was good. Never do that. Make what you like, not what you think others will like, and it will always be better.

  • Iron Maiden is better, no doubt about it

    Iron Maiden lasted over a much longer period of time. Sure Metallica was "Popular" longer than Iron Maiden was, but it's only because they sold out to being popular. Metallica started trying to make popular music, while Iron Maiden kept on trying to make good music. Don't make what you think others will like, make what you like, and it'll be always be better.

  • Iron Maiden all the way

    Metallica is awesome, but Iron Maiden has more songs and albums that are more listenable and cooler. Plus, Iron Maiden didn’t make an album without guitar solos and a trash can snare drum. Cough cough St. Anger cough cough. Iron Maiden isn’t also a money-hungry band and didn’t sue their own fans just because of one song being shared online

  • FM Radio says it all

    No comparison! Iron Maiden are the best metal band, the best music band, the best at everything! Need proof--listen to FM radio. They only play sterile, boring predictable songs. The only Iron Maiden song you ever hear on FM is Run to the Hills and if you do hear it, you have to listen to shit for 3 days to hear it...Metallica is boring and predictable that is why they have ten songs that you will hear multiple times per day--if you can stomach to listen that long!

  • Maiden is classic.

    Master of Puppets could never top Hallowed Be Thy Name, or even The Trooper. Iron Maiden has some of the most complex, memorable riffs of all time, whereas the majority of Metallica is just like three thrash chords over and over with little diversity in rhythms. Granted, Maiden likes their e minor key A LOT but they still manage to produce diverse music. Plus, they've been pumping out good music (minus most of the 90s) that stays true to the band because they don't write what people wanna hear--people wanna hear what they write. Maiden knows what they're doing and has matured. Maiden is eternal. Up the irons! \m/

  • MAIDEN gents !!!!

    I listened to both while growing up, and while both are giants in their own way i choose Iron Maiden. They are both coming to San Antonio this year, so maybe i'll just cough up the cash and go to both concerts. Metallica can run through the hills, run for their lives.........

  • Maiden is better.

    Love Metallica but Maiden is more consistent and has more classics. Not to mention when Maiden returned in 2000 they picked up where they left off in '92. Death Magnetic was great but all of Maidens 2000 relaeses minus Dance of Death were masterpieces. Excited for Metallicas new album tho.

  • They are more consistent

    When you look at metallica , only 5 of their albums are good i.E Mop , ride the lightning, and justice for all, kill 'em all and metallica . Whereas maiden has never disappointed with any of their albums . The best include powerslave , number of the beast , iron maiden , killers, brave new world , seventh son of a seventh son, piece of mind and book of souls . Though other maiden albums are not as good , but none of them is bad compared to some metallica albums like st.'s anger , lulu, load and reload and every new metallica album .

  • Metalica for me

    They make metal sound more like metal while iron maiden make it sound more harmonic and tacky not the biggest metal fan but that's just the way I see it just my opinion just making up the rest of my words now so I can post this comment thank you

  • Metallica to me

    Metallica is life. . . . . You change during the years, Yet something stays the same. That's Metallica. They evolved, Yet they were the same. You cannot confine them by rules and geners, They're just Metallica and you immediately reckognize them in any type of their songa. . . . . Always daring, Evolving, Growing. They didn't stick to the top, They defined it and gave us songs that immediately connect with our inner self. I guess that can hardly be duplicated. . . . They made and defined thrash, Showing how great young artists they were. They groomed and told the world that shouts and long hair were just bs and when it became commercial and fun, They went out to make great heart felt music. And then some garbage and then good and speed again. . . . The themes of the songs, The words, The soft and direct power and energy they provide. There may be better musicians out there, Yet the overall sum of great elements they possess is unparallelled. . . . . Just my opinion.

  • Metallica all the way better than any band

    Sanitarium. . . . Fade to Black. . . . Bleeding Me. . . . Unforgivens. . . . To Live is to Die. . . . One. . . . . . Shortest Straw. . . . . Orion. . . Call of Kutulu. . . . Hero of the Day. . . Harvester of Sorrow. . . . Escape. . . The Wait. . . Day/Never Comes. . . Bell Tolls. . . . Master. . . . Mama Said. . . Lepper Messiah. . . .

    I can go on forever but Maiden has very few songs I like; their music just doesn't feel timeless like Metallica's does. Plus, Metallica has way more interesting genres blended into their greatness.

  • Metallica by a bit

    Maiden truly is a great band you can't deny it. Metallica drew so much influence from them that i can see why people would make that their leading case why Maiden's better. But, Metallica took everything Maiden did and put it on steroids. When you hear metal you think of Metallicas first four albums. And (i hate saying this) but Metallica doesnt have to put out a new album every other year just to stay relevant (Maiden's new stuff is good). Metallica also changes their style so they're flexible and now how to adpat to the times so they dont wither away. Hardwired and Death Magnetic are indication that they're coming back. Right now the people who stopped caring about Metallica after the Black album are coming back and realizing how good of an album Hardwired is. They arent done a new wave of metallica is coming and i have a feeling its gonna be amazing

  • All Maiden Songs Sound the Same

    Okay the reason I found this site is because I like Metallica and my friend like's Iron Maiden. Now I don't dislike Iron Maiden really, I actually dig a lot of their old stuff (Fear of the Dark, Run to the Hills, Aces High). But Metallica has much more real lyrics, lyrics not all about Elves and witches (The Man Who Would Be King, Alexander the Grape I Mean Great) and whatnot. The main thing is, while Metallica changed their style over time (Load, ReLOAD) , Iron Maiden basically stayed the same except made their songs a million times longer (Tears of a Clown, The Talisman) and lost the good ol' fashioned violence that's in their early stuff (The Trooper, 2 Minutes to Midnight). And while many traditional Metallica fans didn't like their new stuff (I personally like it a bit less but still think it's great) that just makes their old stuff more valuable. That's just my opinion but honestly I don't know why it's such a big deal when both band are respectable.

  • Metallica is the best

    Metallica's first 5 albums make all other music sound weak. Even Maiden. Sorry, but it's true. I love Iron Maiden, but classic Metallica has so much power that it's scary. Even the mighty Maiden and Megadeth cannot compete. It isn't fair! Metallica deserves a free pass for life for giving us the ultimate metal masterpieces...

  • Metallica hands down

    It seems that everyone's argument in favour of Maiden is that Metallica went downhill after some point in time, I'd like to remind everyone however that at the peak of either band's height Metallica was better , and regardless of any consistency issue, at the end of the day ,"Nothing else matters."

  • Maiden is great, but I HAVE to choose Metallica

    Yes, Metallica DID sell out. Yes, Iron Maiden is one of the greatest and influential bands of all time. Yes, Steven Harris is a metal deity (as is Bruce and the rest of the members) and one of the best bassists in metal history. HOWEVER, when Metallica did sell out, although the sound did change, the genre was still metal, so we cannot forget to take that era into consideration. The music they produced during their sell out era was still great. Come on, I love "Master of Puppets" too, but you can't deny that "Fuel" is a pretty cool song. And that's only one. I mean the Black Album was a really good album. As were Load and Re-Load. Even St. Anger had music of the metal genre and it was STILL good music. I'm not saying that Metallica's sell out days were better than their first four albums. I just haven't gotten to them yet. The first four albums of Metallica are just amazing. Come on, Metallica is considered the better than Megadeth mostly because of their first four albums. Metallica is one of the Big Four, the biggest of the Big Four, and they were only a thrash band for their first four albums. I mean, they're back to their old ways we could say with Death Magnetic, but they probably would have been one of the Big Four without the album. It's because of their first four albums. Metallica's first four albums are more popular than ENTIRE careers of other bands. And that's because of how beautiful those albums are. I didn't really want to have to say it, but Metallica is better in my personal opinion. I mean, Maiden is great, but Metallica is a bit better. I just think I like Metallica's music more. I love their first four albums way more than I like all of Maiden's music. I also like Metallica's later stuff. And I like then if you ever get bored of listening to Kill 'Em All, or Ride the Lightening, you can just listen to Load, or Re-Load. Still great music, but it's almost like listening to another band. The band has diversity. Maiden has less diversity. I will say though that Maiden's songs are typically more complicated, however, I still think Metallica's music is better. Not to mention, after a while the complicated, long songs get boring, and bore me faster than Metallica's long thrash songs.

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