• They just can't make up their minds, it seems.

    I have been noticing that the Liberals in positions of power in Washington can't make up their minds as to whether the American people are ethical, worthy people or are people of low regard.
    When America grants other nations guidance on certain issues, usually along with a chunk of American taxpayers money, that they haven't hesitated to asked for The liberals say, Ya, all the greedy Americans are trying to do is done because they want to take over that country so they can reap profits, "those greedy Americans." If Americans are concerned about illegal Immigrants flooding across America's borders, The liberals in Washington then say, That is not who we are as Americans, to refuse everyone who wants to come to America to come her, legal, or illegal,this "Is not who we are as a people. I believe that the liberal politicians in Washington can't have it both ways, first the liberal politicians say Americans are bad and greedy, no morals, then in the next breath these same liberal politicians say, That is not who Americans are . Inferring that Americans are good and noble people. Its time to call these liberal politicians on this, Americans are getting tired of being kicked around by these leftist liberal politicians. Being call "Bad or good by these liberals is getting tiresome, enough all ready.

  • We are people!

    Never saying that this is a bad idea is the wrong argument. Going all the way back to 2005 when the beginning of this was all happening. To do this is the wrong idea. Give us humans a chance at being ourselves for once. You and me all need these opportunities. Up the stairs we will climb if we let each other be people.

    Now read the first word of every sentence.

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Ritik33jain says2016-01-21T16:05:52.690
Not a yes or no question..So gonna answer it here

In my opinion we as people are purposeless .. I mean we can create our own purpose..But the universe has planned nothing for us..Probably because it can't