• LeBron is miles ahead of KD

    LeBron is a better player, leader, and winner than KD. LeBron has 3 rings, KD with 0. LeBron 4 MVPs, KD with 1. Better efficiency, better all around stats, better accolades. KD will never surpass LBJ on the all time greats list....He has to win a ring being the man which won't happen with him on the Warriors

  • Lebron james is way better

    Kevin durant has way better players on his team yet the oklahoma city thunder don't have as good a record as the cleveland cavaliers.The thunder have a little more talent than the cavs with KD and russell westbrook. But the cavs have more power with Lebron James,Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

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KJB says2014-08-22T00:56:10.500
Well even though Keevin won MVP , I will still take LeBron , since James is a much better passer , has a higher basketball IQ , can create plays betetr , and if she as muuch as Durant he can get the same amount of points.