Who defines goodness and evil? No if god defines evil. Yes if we define evil. If yes who?

Asked by: steffon66
  • We define god

    Since we created god we basically created good and evil, I'm not saying there is no god, What i am saying if he she or it is up there or over there or around the corner or everywhere, God isn't dictating anything he's left us alone to make our own way for the most part, I think we got one rule the golden one, Treat people the way you want to be treated. . We don't, So i think we will be judged on that, And what we have made up along the way.

  • Society is more moral than the dieties

    -Society gave equal rights to women (though there is still marginal inequality in the job market)
    -Society gave equal rights to all citizens regardless of religion, race, sex, or developmental difference.
    -Society outlawed murder, with no loop holes of religious laws that require death as a penalty for petty things.
    (I recognize some industrialized societies still have the death penalty though i would point out, only for heinous crimes. If you want to bring up cop killings, I think Ferguson, and every other riot caused by a cop shooting is a perfect example of how society feels about murder)

    Society pacifies god(s), Religions of peace exist under the rule of law, not god.

  • If god defined good and evil we would all have the same moralities

    People obviously define good and evil because everybody disagrees on whats right and wrong so more than 99.9 percent of our moralities have to be from humans and not god because there are more than a thousand contradictory moralities. It has been proven that some people use the part of the brain that deals with emotions when deciding whats right and whats wrong instead of the analytical part of the brain. Our emotions grow to be consistent with what we've been told. I know this because its been proven that a lot of us use the part of the brain the deals with emotions when trying to decide whether or not something is right and our consciences our consistent with what we've been told. As for who defines evil. Our leaders for the most part. Morality is like all the colors instead of black and white like youd expect it to be if we had a god. Every country chooses a color that suits their needs and wants and everybody picks a different shade of that color but most cant choose a different color than our leaders picked for us.

  • God defines evil

    It is easy for people to blame or credit society for the creation of evil however that is not the case. The standards of good and evil have stayed consent throughout time therefore must have been based on some sort of moral values created before we were here. The morals and values of most cultures do align with the values of God in the christian religion. Society can be evil however it does not define evil

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