Who did better in the debate on 9/26/16, Trump (yes) or Hillary (no)?

  • We need change and Trump has the power we need.

    The ideas that i have produced having must watched the debate are below.

    > Trump has far more raw power.
    > Clinton is a fine choice that would keep us afloat with some bumps along the way possibly in all degrees of severity.
    > We are in a bad situation and only Trump can bring the necessary change.
    > Trump is well informed and has good connections.
    > I believe Trump will be successful in diplomacy.
    > Trump doesn't play games, he will take action where it in needed.
    > They both have sins we need to push past.
    > While absolutely vicious they are good sportsmen.
    > Trump knows how to handle money, Clinton does not, and we could really use that.
    > Clinton is reliable but will, not may, let us down because she almost always has.
    > Trump is a good learner.
    > Trump will not let anyone stand up against him or this country. Clinton isn't powerful enough to match this about Trump.
    > Our problems with them are in the past but we need look at the now problems.
    > Trump has more pieces on the board and a bigger, more intracate plan. I will also re-state he is well informed.
    > While Clinton gives a more parental reassurance Trump is realistic and what shouldn't be said he will retain. This will pay off about Trump.
    > Electing Trump isn't taking a risk, Trump rolls hard and there will be hell to pay if he is pissed off with the public.
    > Clinton has experience and Trump has might and is better at preventing mistakes. Buisnessman.
    > Clinton aims high and Trump sees what he wants and definitely gets it.
    > Clinton will stand her ground and have an unbreakable stance but Trump will not move backwards.

    Trump is the better choice. Clinton is not bad but Trump has overwhelming perks and bonuses.

  • Took stronger stand

    It's clear we are headed into an economic crisis. Trump has a clearer vision on how to turn this tide without burdening the middle american people. Clinton has ideas. But, if you read between the lines, her ideas translate to taking from middle america to further numb the poor and line the pockets of the rich. As much as i really hate both, this was a no brainer for thinkers.

  • Donald Trump's Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is a butt, but Hilary Clinton is an even bigger butt. And Donald Trump wants to build an incredibly stupid wall, while I have no idea what happened in the debate as I was prevented by older people from watching it. ALL HAIL DOOFANIA, THE GREATEST FAN MADE COUNTRY EVER!!

  • 2016 Presidential Debate

    Trump showed inexperience in this debate, yet he exploited Hilary's most notable fallacy with her emails, in which she did not deny hiding them. Hillary was all talk with not much backing and credibility with her plan on improving the economy. Trump could have been more aggressive with attacking her, yet he remained consistent the entire time.

  • Hillary definitely won.

    Hillary Clinton is an evil witch-demon straight out of hell, there's no way around it. That said, she's a much better public speaker than Donald Trump, and she was clearly much more prepared. Trump is going to have to step up his game. There were many missed opportunities on his part.

  • Hillary held her own better.

    But they both still suck. Go with Gary Johnson. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed. 41 More words needed.

  • Hillary definitely won

    Hillary Clinton won the debate. Donald Trump was just going with false accusations and lies. Hillary Clinton was actually going with facts and figures. Donald Trump did not help his case when he was spewing his evil accusations and just being a jerk.
    I don't have anything else to say on this.

  • Hilary won it

    Hilary is often called a liar. To some extent, this is true. If you really want to see a liar, fact check last night's debate. Trump is the one give misleading and false information. He is evasive and a bigot. It's crazy that people actually trust this guy at all.

  • Hilary won the debate

    Hillary displayed tact, knowledgeability, practicality, and competence for the presidency. She managed to stay relevant the entire debate and bait Trump several times. She kept a cool head throughout the debate and was straight to the point on her policies. These are important traits in a presidential candidate and she displayed that

  • Unfortunately, I think Hillary won.

    Trump started off really good, and I mean really good, but the he kind of slowed down. He started missing huge opportunities to slam Hillary Clinton on certain issues. Mainly Benghazi. He has got to be more on the offensive. Remember Mr. Trump, America is counting on you. CRUSH HER WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

  • Hillary was not exceptional, but clearly won.

    Donald Trump was an rambling, unprepared, lying, thin-skinned mess. Hillary clearly articulated he plans. Trump made pathetic excuses for this many lies. Hillary successfully baited Trump and got him to lash out. Trump was on the defensive the whole time and looked like a failed bully. Honesty, Trump has no excuses for this pathetic performance.

  • Hillary Clinton Lies!

    That's the cry of every Trump supporter I have met, and the debate essentially makes that previously strong point for people who moved to Trumps side moot. As predicted, Trump is falling apart when met with actual opposition. As long as Hillary Clinton remains relatively stable, Trump is self destructing. His poll support in my opinion, could be compared to an economic bubble. Nothing against him, that's just been my opinion of how the election will progress if trends continue.

  • As a Gary Johnson supporter who is also a Conservative, Clinton dominated.

    For me it wasn't even really close. Clinton came across as knowledgeable, sophisticated, presidential, even somewhat honest and likable. She had a command of the issues that Trump failed to match and showed that she had a temperament of a President that Trump could only dream of ever obtaining. I am in no way a fan of Clinton or most of what she stands for and after last night I could quite honestly be persuaded to vote for her over Gary Johnson.

  • Hillary won the debate

    Hillary won because she does not want a wall for the Hispanics and because Hillary is not saying bad things about people like trump is doing and trump wont make America great again he will make it bad the only person that will make America great again is Hillary she will stop the people from making the wall and she will let the Mexicans stay in America.

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