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Who do think is more evil? Darth Vader(yes) or Kylo Ren(no)?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Vader is far more evil than Kylo could ever be.

    Vader slaughtered an entire chamber of younglings and has butchered entire towns under the Emperor's word. In the recent canon comics by Marvel we get to see just how evil Vader is. He's slaughtered a town including the children in the town. He slaughtered another Tusken Raider tribe which also includes the women and children and when facing Luke stated "You'll have to be more specific I've killed a lot of fathers" - Vader when Luke first engaged him without knowledge that Vader was his father. No way in any galaxy is Kylo even close to the evil committed by his grandfather . Vader is just pure evil even as Anakin he still showed anger and a lust for power.

  • Vader is a far better villain

    Kylomlooks up to vader that should prove how much better he is g g f f f f f g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

  • Kylo Wren in a copycat

    Vader killed a ton of jedi and Kylo Wren couldn't dodge a bullet shot at him. And when h fought Rey in the Force Awakens. Rey couldn't even fight. And (Spoiler Alert) Kylo Wren did not even find out Luke was a force ghost. Vader killed thousands of jedi and Kylo Wrn only killed his dad.

  • VADER is more evil

    No matter what Kylo does he cant never be worst than Vader. I mean who tries to kill their own son. Vader slaughtered planets and he didnt care, even if he had killed a member f his family! However we can see that Kylo doubted when he was going to kill her mother. There´s still hope with Kylo, because at the end he is just a bit corrupted by the actions his grandfather did.

  • Vader did so much more

    Vader went through so many dark trials, Vader had some deep emotional and psychological issues so he turned to the dark side and went hard on the darkness, Vader massacred towns, children, and even some of his own men, Kylo has never been tested and is a whiny childish crybaby.

  • Kylo ren killed his father

    Kylo ren killed his father but darth vader tryed to kill his son but didn't
    kill him now if vader did kill his son it w3ould make him eviler but he didn't now i type random words.

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  • Both are equally evil

    I would have to say both Vader and Ren are equally evil in their own ways, but Kylo Ren to me is slightly more evil than Darth Vader. He appears to have the desire to be evil, every time he feels the pull towards goodness, he tries to resist it. Who does that? Plus he ordered the slaughter of the villagers in cold blood and murdered his own father.

  • Honestly..Kylo Ren is more evil

    Because, Darth Vader only became evil to try and protect who he loved. Kylo didn't really have a good motive for turning. Then he just killed his dad for no reason. Darth Vader also at the end turned good. Kylo just killed who was on the throne then took the lead. As much as I love StarWars, Kylo isn't that good of a villain. He's just a wannabe. Trully though i'm really trying not to hate right now, but hes making it really hard not to. Like you get a good villain like Darth vader and the emperor, but then think, like oh they died. SO now we have to make new one. Then they get snoke, who has this really strong power, and comes as fast as he leaves. We don't even know where he came from. Just one day he comes up as the leader with some, some really stong power, and all. Then compliment Ben then insults him like th every next second. Sorry I could wright forever, the point is Darth Vader was less evil, even though he probably did more.

  • SPOILER ALERT (If you have not seen "The Last Jedi")

    Kylo Ren appeared to have helped Rey kill Supreme Leader Snoke to break his conflict to join the Dark Side. However, Kylo has wholeheartedly joined the Dark Side and took Snoke's place. However, this has yet to be updated since Episode 9 is still in the works. As we have seen from "Return of the Jedi", Luke has found the light in Vader to prove he is still Anakin Skywalker. Maybe Episode 9 will finally see Ben Solo.

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