• A good guy

    What has lucifer ever done wrong? God didn't like he didn't obey him so he rebelled, can ya blame him? God is a dictator, if anything lucifer is a better person to pray to then god,lucifer has never done anything bad to me, god has, so I say lets all praise lucifer!

  • Lucifer is not the devil

    I, am a catholic of sort, I believe in eye 4 a eye, but also the modern understanding of the (devil) we all believe that Lucifer is the devil, but he is only the guardian of hell, maybe if we gave him a little more credit ( and I truly understand your misgivings of my argument ) im not devil worshipper far from it. But I do believe that Lucifer protects us from the ,ok the devil

  • Lucifer is bad.

    Lucifer is the devil. What happened was, Lucifer was the most attractive angel that ever existed in Heaven. He became so self-absorbed, he thought he was better than God. God didn't like that, so God casted him out of Heaven and gave him a place of his own; Hell. Lucifer took angels with him and now, he is known as Satan. Satan and his angels (now demons) work hard to posses people of this earth and try to get them to sin against God. Lucifer is bad. Don't listen to him, let God show you the way.

  • Lucifer is the devil

    Clearly Lucifer is the devil. It says so in the bible. Why would Lucifer, a fallen angel who only want more people to fall, "protect" us from the devil? Lucifer IS the devil. God gave us Guardian Angels to protect us. God protects us not the devil. Lucifer is the devil.

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Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-10-29T11:49:48.003
Lucifer created Jesus to convince the world he's not in charge.