Who do you believe is more conservative: Rush Limbaugh (yes) or Michael Savage (no)?

  • Yes, Rush Limbaugh is most conservative.

    I believe him to be most conservation. What I mean by this is that I think he has the most conservative views between the two of them. They are both on the farther right, but I think Rush limbaugh's media presence has made him follow the crowd and become more conservative.

  • Rush Limbaugh is more conservative

    I believe Rush Limbaugh is more conservative than Michael Savage. I have listened to Michael Savage before, and he is very conservative, but Rush Limbaugh is much more conservative. They are very similar in opinions on many issues such as gun control, economy, national security and much more. But Rush Limbaugh has been around much more and he has more listeners overall than Michael Savage.

  • Rush Limbaugh is more conservative.

    Rush Limbaugh is more conservative. He has learned from his mistakes in the past when he got into so much trouble and I think that he started leaning to the middle of the road on most debate issues. I think that he is more conservative than the other radio host, Michael Savage.

  • Rush is extreme Right

    Rush Limbaugh hates and I mean really hates the Democrats he has no problem talking about it this is why he has caused so many problems in his life. He has always bashed the Democrats all of his life. He has caused controversies and even serious problems in his own life. He needs to watch his back because eventually his mouth will get him into a spot he can't get himself out of because of his hate speech.

  • Michael savage is more conservative than Rush Limbaugh.

    One of the problems in discussing politics today is in the use of the words conservative and liberal. For purposes of discussion I use the word conservative with a lower case c to refer to those who profess a preference for 'the good old days' with their version of WASP prejudices and laws and an absolute belief in top down management verging on the Fascist model and having no respect for people of different beliefs and thoughts. In this Michael Savage appears to be more of a small c conservative than even Rush Limbaugh.

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