Who do you think had more influence worldwide: Mother Teresa (yes) or Princess Diana (no)?

  • Mother Teresa did

    I'm not saying Princess Diana didn't have a lot of influence, because she obviously did, but Mother Teresa got really into everything. She got into corners of the globe Princess Diana would never have even considered. Mother Teresa was as popular and well known as the pope, which is huge.

  • More known around the world.

    I think that Mother Teresa had more influence than Princess Diana, because Princess Diana was only really known to the colonial countries, and to the United States. Mother Teresa on the other hand, was known throughout the entire world for her selfless acts of charity. She also truly gave up everything she had to serve Christ.

  • Yes, Mother Teresa had more influence.

    As popular as Princess Diana was in the Western world and in the media, there is no doubt that Mother Teresa still had more of an influence world wide. Mother Teresa was a symbol of good for a lot of Christian -based countries and poorer nations. I think that people will still remember who work.

  • Princess Diana had more influence on the World and on the Monarchy.

    Princess Diana had more of an impact on people from all walks of life. Creed, colour and geography were no boundaries to her. Her communication was at its best when non-verbal; Princess Diana had to call upon her own often painful experiences to help the underdog; adding weight to her influence.

  • Both Very Influential

    I believe both Princess Diana and Mother Teresa are both very influential people, but of the two I would say Princess Diana was more influential. I believe more people were able to connect with Princess Diana and could feel more apart of her activities. She was not as altruistic as Mother Teresa but she was accessible to more people.

  • I think princess

    I think that Princess Diana has a whole lot more influence across the world. I think that any thing that she does will be taken up by all of Europe as soon as she does it, and that she is a really good role model for a whole lot of people.

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