Who do you think has had worse encounters with paparazzi: Justin Bieber (yes) or Kanye West (no)?

  • Justin Bieber is a Punk

    Justin Bieber is just a punk. If he didn't want the paparazzi following him, he shouldn't act up so much. There is a love-hate relationship between photographers and celebrities because if stars didn't do so many weird things, they wouldn't be followed by paparazzi. Justin Bieber's misbehavior just makes photographs and news about the singer even more valuable. Kanye West has been making headlines in a bad way for years. Bieber's latest snafus will only get worse if he tries to stay relevant.

  • Bieber of course

    He brings it on himself as he is just a kid. I think as of late, he is way out of control, and they are going to attack him more than Kanye,but all it takes is one thing to change and they can flip flop. I think Bieber is on a crazy path lets hope he gets off it soon.

  • No, Kanye West has.

    I definitely think that Kanye West has had a worse run in with the paparazzi. I think that while Justin Bieber's experience with them hasn't been that great either, Kanye West's encounters with the paparazzi has been a lot worse. He's even been involved with some fights with the paparazzi.

  • Kanye West creates his own disasters

    Kanye West creates his own disasters quite often, and he especially loves to do it with the paparazzi. Justin Bieber's most memorable moments are often on his personal time, and if he does something in public, it is usually an attention getting publicity stunt, so those encounters are hardly "bad" for him.

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