Who do you think is a more prominent interviewer: Bill Moyers (yes) or Barbara Walters (no)?

  • Yes, Bill is deeper.

    Barbara Walters is prominent in the sense of being well known and of getting interviews with really famous people, and she is good at that. In terms of who goes deeper and who gets the more intriguing interviewees, then Bill Moyers has to win because he really goes out on a limb.

  • Barbara Walters is more prominent

    Barbara Walters is known as a journalist willing to take risks and ask the hard questions. Bill Moyers is an entertainer armed with entrapping questions. The way Moyers frames his questions, there is no good way to answer them. That is what his audience expects, so he delivers. A contradictive style to that would be Barbara Walters that may ask difficult questions, but they are honest inquiries that allow the person the ability to explain themselves or their actions. This is why she is more prominent.

  • Everyone knows Barbara.

    I think that Barbara Walters is a more prominent interviewer than Bill Moyers, just because she has more name recognition. Walters became really famous when she was on 20-20. She was on a network, and more people became exposed to her. She has also been broadcasting since the beginning of time, unlike Moyers.

  • Barbara Walters is a more prominent interviewer.

    Barbara Walters is a more prominent interviewer. I like watching her interview more than Bill Moyers, however, I like them both. Between the two, I think that Barbara is just more fun to watch and she is not afraid to ask the most important questions between her and the people that she interviews.

  • It Would Be Walters

    I believe Barbara Walters is a more prominent interviewer than Bill Moyers. I think this is obvious given that Walters most relevant interviews often receive top prime time slots as specials. She has been in the field for many years and has built her career up based on her ability to perform the job. Moyers simply hasn't made that status.

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