Who do you think is more controversial: Katie Hopkins (yes) or Kelly Osbourne (no)?

  • Kelly Osbourne whack

    Kelly Osbourne comes from two parents who are outrageous Ozzy Osbourned has many run ins with the drugs. He sounds like he can't speak and slurs his words most of the time. Her mother is a nut case and so is Kelly Osbourne. Katie Hopkins is unique and not controversial like the Osbournes.

  • Katie Hopkins as of late has been making a lot of contraversal comments.

    Even as of last year Katie Hopkins has been making distasteful comments and starting controversy. Kelly Osbourne has really transformed herself into a wonderful young woman. She has really got a good, stable head on her shoulders and is doing very well for herself on TV. Katie Hopkins just seems to say things now just to keep herself relevant.

  • Kelly Oscourne Not Controversial

    I honestly don't see any reason to label Kelly Osbourne as controversial. She has grown up under odd circumstances, but for the most part I would say she is a common person. Katie Hopkins is known as a tabloid newspaper columnist and she's also made appearances on reality TV shows and has been known for making controversial statements. So I would say she is more controversial.

  • Due to her television appearances

    Kelly Osbourne is interesting because she seems to have high times and low times. Possibly associated with drugs, people are just trying to figure out a possible niche for her. She seems to like helping people, but also she has a nasty side that comes out in reality television. Talk to her mother.

  • Kelly Osbourne is more controversial than Katie Hopkins.

    Kelly Osbourne is more controversial than Katie Hopkins. Kelly Osbourne is much more well known and thus influences more people. Kelly Osbourne has a history of Drug abuse which is documented with her entering a rehab facility in 2009. Kelly Osbourne was addicted to painkillers and has potentially influenced her fans and followers to experiment with drugs.

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