Who do you think was a better French leader: Charles de Gaulle (yes) or Francois Mitterand (no)?

  • Charles de Gaulle was a superior leader to the French.

    Charles de Gauelle led the French when historical times were extremely hard on them because of issues with Germany and other countries they were facing. Charles helped lead them through the rough times like a president and counsellor should do in times of crisis and need for the sake of the people of France.

  • Charles de Gaulle was the superior leader.

    Although neither leader was extraordinary as President of France, Charles de Gaulle was superior compared to Francois Mitterrand. De Gaulle was able to guide France aptly during an extremely tumultuous period in its history, laying the groundwork for a stable and relatively powerful France. Mitterrand by contrast, presided over the beginning of France's decline and put in place many of the policies that are responsible for France's problems today including uncompetitive economics, unnecessary foreign intervention, and mass immigration.

  • Charles Degaulle is the better of the two presidents.

    Charles Degauule can definitely be seen as the better of the two french presidents.He had to lead France in probably the most trying time in the country's history.He had to help France recover from the war while many of its citizens were still in concentration camps in Germany and other parts of Europe

  • Charles de Gaulle

    I think that Charles de Gaulle was the better leader for the French out of these two men. He commanded the free radical army, and did a very good job. He was a very good leader, and was a very smart man when it came to military tactics and war.

  • Charles de Gaulle Saw France Through Tense Cold War

    Charles de Gaulle was a better French leader because he helped see France through the post-war era as it stood up to the Soviet Union. Although not as prominent as U.S.-Soviet relations, de Gaulle saw the need for a strong NATO to stand up to the Soviet bloc formed in eastern Europe.

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