Who do you think was a better leader during the Cold War: France's Charles de Gaulle (yes) or America's John F. Kennedy (no)?

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  • John F. Kennedy

    I believe that John F. Kennedy was a better leader during the cold war. John F. Kennedy before his death was a great leader for this country. He was very active as a cold war warrior, and put forth many policies to ensure that America could handle an attack from any nation.

  • Kennedy's history is superiour to de Gaulle

    The historical influence of John Kennedy versus Charles de Gaulle leans in clear favor of Kennedy. Looking not only at their leadership at the time of the Cold War but also the respective influences of the two countries in the modern world. Judging by these criteria Kennedy is the clear victor in this race.

  • JFK Headed a Superpower

    John F. Kennedy, although he was in office 1,000 days, kept America out of a nuclear war and prevented Cuba from being used as a missile base for the Soviet Union. Charles de Gaulle was certainly a key ally in France as western Europe and NATO tried to stand up to the Soviet bloc. However, Kennedy was more decisive in his actions when he needed to be.

  • John F.Kennedy was definitely the better leader during the cold war.

    John F. Kennedy was definitely the better leader during the Cold War.Kennedy stood up to the Russian and Cuban leaders while many others around the world failed to stand their ground.By doing this Kennedy was able to garner support from both his allies and enemies and therefore went down in history.

  • Kennedy accepted the mantle of leadership

    I don't want to rule out the contributions of other world leaders but I believe Kennedy clearly established himself as the leader of the pack. In confronting the Soviet leadership of the 1960's it is my belief that his courage, resolve, and leadership affected the course of history. De Gaulle was a great leader and others might well have accepted the mantle but Kennedy's unique personality and the Cuban missile crisis cemented his role of leadership.

  • JFK was at the forefront.

    I think that John F. Kennedy was a better leader during the Cold War, because JFK was the figurehead of the Cold War. The Cold War was between the USA and Russia. France was secondary to the largest conflict. JFK led the way in the Cold War, and was largely the figurehead. De Gaulle was more or less just along for the ride.

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