Who do you think was more important to the ending of the Soviet Union: Ronald Reagan (yes) or Mikhail Gorbachev (no)?

  • Ronald Reagan was more important.

    I feel that Ronald Reagan was more important than Mikhail Gorbachev to ending the Soviet Union. The US regime at the time wanted to rid the world of communism and all of it's governing members felt facing Russia was the main issue. They were the forefront of this movement on a global scale.

  • The president here

    I think that our president at the time Ronald Reagan had a whole lot more input on the ending of the soviet union. I think that he made a lot of good decisions about all of this, and that he was listened to by the world about all of it.

  • Gorbachev was better

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  • Only From Within

    I believe Mikhail Gorbachev was more important to the ending of the Soviet Union, especially in comparison to Ronald Raegan. The United States was simply in support for what Mikhail Gorbachev already wanted to do. He was very progressive and had a better vision for Russia that he supported in a variety of ways.

  • I do not think Reagan helped much at all.

    I do not think Ronald Reagan did that much to end the Soviet Union. External pressure was something that fueled the Soviet Government and made them more stubborn. I think it was the realization from within, from Mikhail Gorbachev, that the Soviet way of doing things was unsustainable, that was the cause of the collapse.

  • No, I think Mikhail Gorbachev was most important to the ending of the Soviet Union.

    While Ronald Reagan did play a big role I think Gorbachev had a considerably larger role in the ending of the Soviet Union since he was in power at the time of Russia, I think that he was one that put the majority of the plans in motion and followed through.

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