Who do you think would win a legal fight featuring celebrities (yes) versus paparazzi (no)?

  • Right to privacy.

    I think that celebrities will win the legal fight of the right to privacy against the paparazzi, because they have a right to privacy. They have a right to live their life without being followed by the paparazzi. They should not be able to follow people around and bother them just for a story.

  • Celebrities would win.

    I think in a legal fight that the court of law would sway more towards stars rather than the paparazzi. I think the fact that the paparazzi can get a little crazy and force themselves into so much of a persons life is going to look pretty bad in a legal standing.

  • The celebrities would win

    I think if all of the celebrities got together and fought the paparazzi legally, they would win. Firstly, they have more money and many more people to reach out to. Secondly, there are so many brilliant actors with great educations, such as Tommy Lee Jones and Matt Damon - both went to Ivy league schools.

  • No paparazzi would win given certain conditions.

    The paparazzi should have no contact or right to take and publish photos of the children of celebrities. That being said, a celebrity is not always or often a gifted performer and has often gotten famous for being famous by design so should not cry wolf now. If someone wants to live a quiet life, that is certainly an option and many talented actors do that.

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